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Your Simple & Complete Roadmap For Training the "Perfect Puppy" - Just 10 Minutes At a Time
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As a special thank you, I'd like to offer you a student-only deal for my at-home training course - for 50% off the regular price.

90 Days to the Perfect Puppy is the perfect companion to the live class. It will allow you to “take me home with you” and fill in any gaps. 

Let me show you what you're going to get inside:
Hi! I'm Tina Spring, owner of Sit Happens Dog Training & Behavior.
The 8-Week Online Coaching Course That Will Guide You Step-By-Step Through Raising The Perfect Dog For Your Family
90 Days to the Perfect Puppy is the go-to course for training your puppy in a pro-active, loving and effective way. It includes videos, printable cheat-sheets, and all the resources you need to succeed.
Here's how the 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy works:


After you purchase the mini-course, your login instructions will be sent directly to your inbox. You can login right away and start watching the lessons!


You will have access to this guide for life! No need to worry about the links disappearing incase you need to refer to the resources later on or add another puppy to the family. PLUS you get access to any new materials added!


Once you signup, I'll send you tips and motivation via email to help keep you on track with your training!
Check out my quick intro to the course before you jump in!
Curious about the philosophy behind 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy and what a "perfect puppy" really means? Watch the video for a quick intro!
What's inside the 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy Course:
Each module comes complete with instructional and demonstration videos, printable cheat-sheets, and bonuses! Here's a closer look:
Module 1: Transitioning Puppy Into Your Family
  • Welcoming Puppy Home: The basics- how to choose the perfect name, how to deal with the first nights so you don't lose sleep. 
  • Sleep: How to get your puppy on a sleep schedule that works for the whole family.
  • Crate Training: My super-simple process for making the crate a happy place for your puppy (no having to force the puppy in!) How to let your dog out without him going crazy.
  • House Training: How to know when your puppy needs to go, how to get your puppy into a bathroom schedule so you don't have to worry about accidents or taking him outside every 5 minutes. The counter-intuitive way to deal with a puppy when he has an accident and how to prevent them for the future. (hint: no punishment required!)
Module 2: Building the Foundation for a Well-Mannered Puppy
  • Positive Handling: I'll show you how to work with and groom your puppy so that he is comfortable and calm during stressful events (like vet and groomer visits).
  • Signaling and Prevention: This is one of the most important pieces of this course. The stress signals you MUST be able to recognize in your dog in order to prevent overwhelming your puppy which so often leads to behavior problems.
  • Polite Meal Time: Puppies tend to get over-excited during meal time. I'll show you some fun games to get your puppy in a calm state during dinner.
Module 3: Next Level Training Techniques
  • Clicker Training: What it is, how it works, and when to use it to make training easier. And what to do if clicker training just isn’t for you.
  • Basic Manners: How stop your dog from jumping all over you and visitors. Plus - how to successfully train your puppy "tricks" like down, rollover, etc.
  • Coming When Called: Another very important piece of the course - how to get your dog to actually listen and come in different setting and situations.
  • Polite Leash Walking: Is your puppy wild on the leash, trying to pull you in every direction? I'll show you some fun games for getting your puppy to walk calmly with you.
Module 4: Socialization 101 - Fostering a Friendly, Confident Puppy  
  • This module is incredibly important. It will allow your puppy to make positive connections with other animals and humans so you can trust him with others.
  • Other Dogs: How to introduce your puppy to other dogs in a safe, calm way. I'll show you how to know whether your dog is uncomfortable so you can step in before problems happen.
  • Humans: I'll show you how to safely introduce your dogs to strangers - both inside and outside of the home.
BONUS! Coaching Group Access
  • You will get personal access to me for when you have questions or need advice! This course comes with free access to the members-only Facebook coaching group. You can chat with other new puppy owners and stay accountable with your training.
BONUS! 90-Day Training Calendar
  • If you're anything like me, you might like to follow a step-by-step checklist on what training you need to do each day to bring up the "perfect puppy." This calendar will allow you to do just that:
  • Includes 90 days of to-do's to keep your puppy training on track and ensure successful completion of the course
BONUS! Fun Family Games Library
  • I've put together my favorite training and playtime games into one video library! Includes games like:
  • The Zen of Tug-o-War
  • Fetch & Frisbee
  • The Recall Game
You'll love the 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy course or it's free!
The course comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't love it for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund you in full - no hassle. 
What makes this different from any other puppy training?
learn visually
Demonstration videos SHOW you, not just tell you, exactly what to do to train your puppy properly.
Searching for answers online requires you to piece a solution together on your own. This program will show you step-by-step so you put the right strategies into action, right away.
My method shows you how to identify your puppy's signals so you can guide and direct him without having to yell at or punish the puppy.
Ready to jump in?
This course really is the perfect companion to my live class. 

If you're ready to avoid the stress, frustration, and confusion that often comes along with figuring out how to train a puppy, I'd love to welcome into this course so I can provide you with the simple steps you need to so you and your family can enjoy the puppy months.

Are you ready to jump in?

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive when you access the course now:
RIGHT NOW: GET this student-only deal - just $67 (Reg. $129!)
  • Module 1: Transitioning Puppy Into Your Family
  • Module 2: Building the Foundation for a Well-Mannered Puppy
  • Module 3: Next Level Training Techniques
  • Module 4: Socialization 101 - Fostering a Confident Puppy  
  • BONUS! Fun Family Games Library
  • BONUS! 90-Day Training Calendar
  • BONUS! Private Facebook Coaching Group Access
Before I let you go, I wanted to send out a big thank you for considering my puppy training course.

Grab the course right now, and you’ll be on your way to getting your puppy under control so you don't have to worry about accidents in the house or chasing your puppy around the house to catch bad behavior. I'll help you prevent them before it happens.. All you have to do is click the "Access the Course Now!" button to get started right away.

I’m truly excited for you to get started with this simply puppy training so you and your family can enjoy having the best pup ever!

To your success,
Tina Spring
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